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Services Offered at Poseidon Veterinary Clinic

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  • VETERINARY SERVICESWe offer a wide range of veterinary services, ranging rom consultation,sugery, Wellness Care and Immunization, Nutritional Counselingread more »

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  • AMBULATORY SERVICESWe provide round the clock ambulatory services to our customers, we cater for emergency services and also evacuation. Call us for any emergency situation concerning your pet or animal...We offer animal emergency care services. If you're concerned about your pet, never feel embarrassed about contacting us (0202470436). A simple phone call could save your pet's life.

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  • BOARDING SERVICESLooking for overnight accommodations with 24/7 supervision for your dog or cat? Just need a place to stay just for the day? Poseidon Veterinary Clinic is the perfect place! Poseidon Veterinary Clinic offers safe, comfortable cat & dog boarding and Doggie Day services. The day services include play-packed dog day care where your dog will socialize with other dogs and get plenty of exercise under the careful supervision of our trained associates. Trust both of these PetSmart services for your dog to stay at while you're out of town or at work..

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  • GROOMING SERVICESA healthy pet on the outside is a healthier pet on the inside. Yet, grooming can become a time consuming and difficult chore for many busy pet owners. If do it yourself grooming just isn’t working out, or you simply don’t have the time to keep up with your pet’s grooming needs, why not let us take care of the work for you? At Park Veterinary Centre we offer a wide range of professional pet grooming services for our valued clients.

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  • DOG PROCUREMENTAt Poseidon veterinary service we also assist in dog procurement,you can contact us and provide us with the information about the kind of dog you would want to buy and we will connect you with a number of reputable breeders or owners of dogs who may be selling.

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  • AQUARIUM CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCEAt Poseidon veterinary Clinic we construct and maintain aquariums. For attractive and unique aquariums you can contact us for the services at affordable prices ranging from small to large sized aquarium and customization specifications that you may want.